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Established in 2007, D4Designs is a Lehigh Valley, PA based small business founded by Diadina after realizing that her services were becoming ever increasingly popular. D4Designs is an interactive digital and print marketing solutions company that focuses on business growth by merging creativity, technology and online marketing.

We specialize in providing an affordable custom website design, e-commerce solutions, search engine optimization, graphic and logo design and all-around web development and printing services. By fusing your company's strategic vision with its culture, we work to create a marketing campaign that yields profitable results.

Why choose us? Because we can help you increase clientele, traffic & profits while reducing marketing costs & stress for small business owners that don't have the time or money to have an in-house marketing team.

We provide cost-effective creative solutions for all graphic design and marketing needs. We want to help you create more transactions, make more money, and up your business. Hopefully, you don't mind making money because I'm going to give you that opportunity. MARKETING is delivering your most compelling message to a HUGE number of potential repeating customers or new clients. MARKETING is meant to make your phone ring and grow your production. Let us create your vision! Separate yourself from other, let your clients know what you can do for them!

There are many ways to create leads and we can help you bring in those leads.
Keep an open mind, we have some ideas that if you have been in the business for a while, you will recognize some of them but ask yourself, have I really tried them? And if you did, did you take it to the highest level? Create strong image. Be consistent, as long as you are doing mail-outs the phone will keep ringing!

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'There is no limit to what colors can be use to express your creativity'